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Vertical Markets Served

At Point of Use Resources, we are dedicated to exceptional customer service. We believe in doing great so we focus our attention on a few select markets to ensure total customer satisfaction.  


Industrial Polymer Manufacturing

Point of Use Resources has a rich history in assisting major plastics clients understand and mitigate outfall requirements for their facilities.  If your facility is currently under a Authority Decree or currently attempting to mitigate offsite polymer escape POUR has the experience and technology to assist.


Oil and Gas (Upstream)

POUR has worked with the largest names in the produced water industry across the globe.  Our novel approach to specific treatment issues as well as our willingness to try new technologies positions us for success.  Allow our professionals to assist you with your specific needs and provide the solution that gives you that extra barrel of product!


Major Building Utilities (Managed Properties)

POUR has the experience required for those managing large buildings to save money when it comes to Utilities.  POUR has specifically targeted reuse of cooling water blowdown.  There are significant financial savings opportunities for those businesses managing properties with chiller and cooling tower systems.  Our technology will reduce 80% of wasted water from those systems.  Reach out to POUR for help with creating savings from waste. 


Green Initiatives

POUR has the knowledge and experience to assist your project or business with our new to market BLUcube.  This innovative approach to fuel/DEF combined storage saves you and your customer money on multiple rents along with cluttered areas.  Reach out to POUR for additional information.

Water Filters


POUR has it all when it comes to water, wastewater and process water filtering abilities.  Between Reverse Osmosis membranes, Ultra Filtration Membranes, water pretreatment filters, bag filters and Process Filtration we can help save you money and secure your long term supply. 

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